North Miami Beach


It’s one of the cities that was discovered as an accident. Captain William H. Fulford came across the deserted marshy land when conducting a patrol in the region. It was surrounded by mangrove trees helping to provide escape from the fast moving Atlantic waters. The area experienced more growth when the railway passed through the city. People moved into the city in numbers all wanting a piece of the pie. There was an increased demand for land and many people invested heavily which helped to change the fortunes of the region.

Changing fortunes:

All was going well in North Miami Beach since the time the city was discovered until the population started to grow and there was just no more space to accommodate the rising influx of people into the region. The summers became too hot to bear, and the economy that had witnessed rapid growth was starting to show signs of slowing down as people hesitated to move into the city. But all that changed when air conditioners came into the picture.  The city’s growth pace only picked up after the 1960s, all thanks to the dawn of air conditioners.

Today’s North Miami Beach

Today the city is surrounded with beauty on all sides and contains a rich history, multi-cultural community which blends in with urbanization. The city rose into prominence and is now more than ready to combat its high summer temperatures, armed with air conditioners. Its warm temperatures coupled with its bearable summers made possible through AC has created a boom in the economy, and made it the tourist hub it is.

Choosing the right AC partner

As residents enjoy the warm climate, multi-cultural environment and majestic beauty, they have to put up with the unusually hot summers that come along every year. Fortunately, ACs are now a reality and just about every home/office is equipped with it. With widespread adoption, the rise in the number of AC service companies is also notable, which makes singling out a single company to serve your needs very difficult. Some companies in the region have decided to take advantage of this state of affairs to mint money. You should tread carefully when choosing the right air conditioning service company if you don’t want to be exploited or become a victim of a scam. Choose North Miami Beach AC Expert. We are the leading service provider for all things AC.

Services provided:

  • New AC setupNorth Miami Beach AC Expert North Miami Beach, FL 786-584-8214
  • Repair/replacement of AC
  • Air quality improvement
  • Regular cleanup/tuneups
  • Flexible maintenance contracts
  • Commercial HVAC setup
  • Ductwork layout
  • Air filter change
  • Refrigerant refill

What sets North Miami Beach AC Expert apart?

  • Customized services.
  • We have fast response times
  • All our services are very affordable.
  • We work round the clock until all problems are dealt with.
  • We have invested in state of the art technology.

To access any of the services listed above and many more, give us a call on 786-584-8214.

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